Friday, February 22, 2008

U.S. Embassy

Yesterday, I and my wife went to U.S. Embassy at akasaka.
There were lot of people to get U.S. visa, and we waited long time.
But, it was fine, and warm, so we had enjoyed talking only us.
We waited about 30 minutes.
The Interview of getting visa was very short, just only 1minutes.

We went to shibuya to eat lunch,after apllication of visa.
My friend have opend restaurant 'Tokyo Tonteki',last year.
Unfortunately, he is busy man, we can't meet him.But we ate meat!
It was very delicious.
I 'm afraid that I forgot to take picture of Tonteki.
Let's try, 'Tonteki'!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Drinking party with old collegue

Today I had drinking party with old collegue.
Because I will go to USA next April, so I'm happy today.
I had old topix which We had had happenings,and so on.

My English is poor yet.
But I must try speaking,writing step by step.

I have big chance to go to USA,so I have to do my best!
But I have little sadness, that is I must sell my lovely EUNOS.
Unhappyly,my car have run very long time, so there is not value I want...
In US life, I will get American big car!

I'm looking forward to get pick up truck or american sports vehicle.