Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go Fishing !

I schedule going fishing next Friday.
I will try Fly fishing in natural river first time.
In Japan, I had practice just only one time in the fishing pond.
So my casting is not good,so maybe my fly fly away...or not fly...
Anyway I'm looking forward to going fishing.
I have bought fly fishing gear already!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today it was fine day to play golf.
I and two my colleagues played in Boise Ranch.
It was second time in boise playing the golf.
Although in Japan I went to only three times, I had already two times in two weeks!
My condition is not so bad, but in first nine I did'nt hit and have good shot.
But my colleague advised me, in second nine I had good shot and hit well!
It was good excercise!

Dream Life

I and my colleague and his wife were invited to dinner to american friend.
His house is huge. And he has a lot of my favorite things, 'Sports car;Corvette','Lathe for metal','Huge shed', 'Junks' and so on.
Afte dinner we enjyoyed his toys!
I had three first experience.
Wall climbing ; I had a pain fingertip.

Ride the Corvette ; its acceleration was so exciting!

Gun shooting ; I felt fear but it was a good feeling.

I want to realize like this Dream Life! But ....

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last sunday I went winery first time.

I tried wine tasting .
I drunk Ice wine first time.
It tasted sweet but not too sweet.

I got into the swing and bought 6 wines!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

2 weeks passed

I have spent 2 weeks in U.S.A. and 1 week passed in Boise.
In Boise,
I have opened saving and checking account,driven car and bought car.

I have eaten big steak.
It was full of the first experience for me.

Boise impressions
It is dry, so feel thirstier than in Japan.
Almost every people is very kind and warm.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Life

I have started an American Life in Boise.

First Saturday Ivisited my colleague's friend house.

It's just home party!

I drunk tequila first time. It was very strong alcohol, but very nice taste.
Next Sunday I bought Fly fishing gear with my the other colleague.
He picked up me, and he took me big outdoor gear shop.
I was supprised by shop style,which is bigger than Japan shop.
I will go to Fly fishing this weekend or nearly week!
I'm looking forward it.

Just arrived at U.S.A

Apr 07 I had arrived at New York!

I had long time in an airplane.

But my seat was business class.

So, I enjyoied sky trip.

But, I'm very busy at the schedule of lastweek which had a lot of lecture and travel NY to SJC,and to Boise.

Anyway last Thursday I had came to Boise!

I am the first-ever visit to Boise, where is very nice place more than my imagine.

I wil enjyoi an Amelican life !