Sunday, November 30, 2008

Light Up!

Today I tried to light up my house with illumination, snow man and some ornament.
It was very interesting and I want to increase light more and I went to near shop to get more lights. The total amount of light went up to about 800!

Kids were exciting and they want to more ornament. I think so too, it will increase.

I am looking forward to Christmas day!

Black Friday

Black Friday!

I did not know about that word before living U.S.

I thought it was bad word for business scene like recession.

But it means all shop move into black,they achieve a budget surplus.

Our family I and my wife went to shopping by rotation.

At first my wife get up early morning at 4 a.m. o'clock and she went to Boise mall.

After breakfast we family went to furniture shop and Costco.

I bought blueray DVD player. Blueray has same regional code between U.S.A. and Japan, so I can use it in Japan!?

Thanks Giving!

We invited my colleague to my house for Thanks giving party.
My wife try to cook big Turkey.

She has good technique to cook and imagination.

We were enjoying party with delicious meal and happy talk.
We were excited about ad of "Black Friday"!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Letter Opener

Today I tyred letter opener.
It was easier than pen turning.
Because turned only one piece.
I want smaller tool rest.It was too long.

I made it more simply, but it was difficult for me.
It showed low skill of turning clearly.
Press fit to turned blank.

So I'm gonna try simple shape next project for skill upgrading training.
I like this pattern which was tired several woods.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turning pencil

I made 3 pencils today.
The theme was Fall, but it became so cold recently.
In Japan, we ate sweet potato.
My son Haruki choose the color of sweet potato.

My daughter Minami requested several composite trees.
It looks like falling leaf.

I like seeing BSU college foot ball , it is just now on season.
So I took Broncos's color.
Which color do you like?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Interior objects

Today I went new store which had interesting objects.
I and Haruki want to the model car and airplane.
We decide to buy model airplane only.

I found nice wall-hung picture.
I bought it...

Pen turning

I got drill bit and center drilling vise.
I also new pen kit and letter opener kit.
I want to start new projects...
But next, I should organized my shop.
Maybe I do pen making...