Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Today it was Halloween day!
All of kids were looking forward to doing trick or treat with their favorite costume.
Haruki was racing driver (Cars), Minami was snow white, Kanami was Alice of the wander land, Otomi was Mickey mouse. All of them became Disney character. (I also was Pirates of Caribbean.) Otomi changed her mind on the middle, she turned her to witch.

And Otomi felt bad and she stayed home and she treated candies to little friends who were coming.
Ritsuko also walk around and almost 20 minutes with kids, after that she got back home and we did with grand parents. They did for more than 1 and half hour and got lots of candies.

I thought this home is the best beautiful today.

Then we came back to home, at that time Ritsuko had labor and we decided to go to hospital tonight.
Almost baby is coming now!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Kanami and Otomi were pajama party today.
They wear their pajamas and brought their costume today.

But Ritsuko got a call from day care center, and Otomi got sick, she had vomit.
Ritsuko picked Otomi up there at once, Kanami was safe.
Kanami enjoy curving Jack-O'-lantern and wear her costume and change herself to witch.
Haruki and Minami also made nice one with their grand parents at home.
They were no school day today.

I hope Otomi will get better tomorrow and we can walk to do "Trick or Treat " with all of kids.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween parade at school

Today Haruki and Minami had Halloween parade at their school.
They paraded around play ground with their costume.

It had small snowy, but they did with a lots of smile.

We also envied them!
I hope the day when they do trick or treat will not be so cold!
We are looking forward to Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cub scout

Today Haruki had cub scout activity after school.
He had Halloween party at there and he made candy house.

He brought it back to home, but melting down gradually in the car on the way to home.
And when he got back home, at soon Otomi found it and tried to eat.
The home broke down completely, but Haruki saw it with smile.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grand parents from Japan

Today my father and mother arrived to Boise.
I picked Kanami and Otomi up and went to airport with them.

Last time when they met Otomi, she could not walk and talk yet.
But she could meet her grand parents in the arrival lobby with her foot and say hello!
They were so surprised Otomi's growing.

They brought a lot of Japanese things, foods, snacks, books and so on.
All of kids were presented Japanese books by them.

They looked so happy and be excited!

Anyway It was good for us to see my parents safely.
Father was little bit tired and he went to bed early.

After dinner,
I and Axel went to registrate Indoor soccer for next season when it will start next month.
And we saw the game that was current season session.
We can't wait next month!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Come back to school again!

Today, Haruki and Minami went to school after one week.
They came back from H1N1 flu and well now.
They looked happy and I thought strongly there was nothing more valuable than good health.

Minami had valet class after school.
Haruki, Kanami and Otomi were in the home at that time.
And they were playing in the garage where there was no car and a lot of space when Minami was dancing.

Tomorrow my parents will arrive at Boise early evening.
That was for the first time in 1 and half year.
We are looking forward to their coming.
Kids can't wait and can't sleep today!?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween goods2 and Soccer!

This morning we got up with nice smell of bread which was made by bread maker.

We could have fresh bread in this breakfast. It was so tasty!!

Thanks Rituko!

And we saw the add for Halloween goods were more discount than yesterday.
So I went to shopping with all of kids again.
Haruki and Minami were so happy that they were in their bed room for whole this week.
We got light eye ball, skeleton, Jack-O'-lantern and so on.

During the our shopping, Ritsuko made "Melon bread" but its taste was not melon, just looks.
Kids were so happy to eat again.

After noon, it was Lasers game day.
Today we got lot of points, 8 points.
Axel got two points!!!! Great job, Axel!
I did not get the goal but passed good ball and maybe got 3 assists.
Next week is the last game of this season.
I hope we can win and I get the more goal!

After dinner, we set up the Halloween illumination by the window which was near by the entrance door.

And the kids who do "trick or treat" will be able to see them easily.
We are looking forward to Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shopping and Golf

This morning, there was public H1N1 flu shot.
It started from 10 A.M. we got there 9:30 because we had over slept...
So many people already lined up, and we gave up to wait at once we saw them.

We changed mind quickly and went to shopping.

We got a new Halloween decoration!
And I still on the way to finishing baby bed, so decided to purchase small crib for 1st floor.
When I finished the hand made bed, I'll set it for 2nd floor.
After noon it was Golf day today!
I used winter pass and got low score 101 but still over 100.

It was pretty nice weather to play golf and walking.
Today's walking count showed about 24000 steps.
But it seemed too many, too much sensitive?
At home Ritsuko try "Milk France" again and it was more tasty than yesterday!
Haruki and Minami, they were getting better now.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bread maker

Finally Ritsuko got Bread maker!
She wanted it strongly for long time.

But she was thinking if she should buy Japanese it or America's.
She found good one in Costco, so she chose it.
Immediately she tried to use and cook her recipe "Milk France" which was taught by her friend.
It was tasty!
She will challenge several in near future!
I'm looking forward to eating them!
Thanks Ritsuko!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ritsuko's checkup day

Today it was Ritsuko's checkup day.
As doctor, it seems almost she is all very fine.
Baby looks good.
My concern is to keep healthy both of them.

Haruki and Minami were getting better and they did not take medicine today and no fever.
I believe this weekend they will be better and they can go to school from next week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin decoration

Last Saturday, we went to pumpkin patch.
But we do not have time to carve them.

For now I and Ritsuko put pumpkin in front of the entrance door to decorate Halloween.
After Haruki and Minami get better, we will make Jack-o-lanterns.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today I brought Haruki to hospital.
He also got flu.
So I separated Haruki and Minami from us.
They were sleeping in kid's play room now.

I hope they can get better as soon as possible.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Yesterday Minami had fever about 40 degree.
We suspected she got flu.
This morning, she had still 39 degree, and I brought her to hospital.
Doctor diagnose her as H1N1 flu!
But Doctor did not gave her any medicine just she need Tylenol.
On the other hand, he put on Tami flu for Ritsuko and Otomi.

Haruki was well and went school as usual.
But when he got back home from school, he had a little headache, after that he got about 40 degrees.
I'll bring him to hospital tomorrow, but he could be H1N1 also.

I hope the rest of our family do not get flu especially Ritsuko!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pretty busy Sunday

It was 5th of Yarkinicos golf cup in Ridgecrest today.
Recently I practiced a lot and getting better skill gradually.

I played Axel, K-san and Jeff.
It was nice weather to play golf, and we could enjoy playing.
I and Axel were leaded two of them and we got best score.
I got 100!
I wished to be under 100, it was almost!
I'm looking forward to next chance.

I and Axel were not able to attend awarding ceremony.
Because .....
It was Sunday, so Laser's game day!
We had game at Ann Morison park today.
Unfortunately we were just 11 people, so it meant we need to play all of 90 minutes.
There were no extra person!!
We had nice game, we got 2 points and lost one at first half.
Then we lost one and got big 1 score at second half, we won!
I had a big chance to shoot, no one was front of mine except the goal keeper.
But my foot had miss kick!!
I couldn't trust my right foot.....
I run and run today, I also run 5km yesterday, finally my leg was gotten cramps!!

Anyway I did my best to play both of golf and soccer, I had a good time.

1 of bad news, Minami had fever today.
I hope she can get better (and not flu) at once .

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today I had many items.
In the morning, I run 5km race at Julia Davis Park with Kevin family.

The goal was Bronco stadium, I was happy to run Blue turf!
It was so nice weather and good for running.

Then we went to Pumpkin patch to Meridian.

There was huge corn maze also.

We enjoyed seeing pig race and riding pony.
Minami got 1st prize in Pig race
After that we pick pumpkins, we chose several shape and color.

Final event!
Friends of our kids had a birthday party.
We went to birthday party.
There were jumping house, so all of kids were excited and play with a lot of smile.

They had a good time and we also could enjoy the party.
Today it was pretty busy but we had a lot of fun.
Thanks to all of friends!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Preparation for winter golf

This winter, when it has snow I'll go to Bogus to enjoy skiing.
But when no snow time, I'll go to golf.

I got winter pass for Boise Ranch.
And it will be pretty cold, so I'll do by walking with new bag cart!

I hope I can decrease my score and my weight in this winter?!