Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pine derby car

Pine derby car, I had small progress.
Just curving with curving tool.
That was first time for me but pine was easy to cut and very interesting.

So I did with excitement for few hours.

I can't wait next step!
But it seems get more difficult step by step.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Today we had communication with Japanese cousin by Skype.
They talked to their cousin about their school life, Japanese TV and their daily life each other.

And they also have a plan to come to Boise next May.
We are looking forward to their trip very much.

Otomi disturbed Skype shutting down again and again, so we need to reconnect many times.
Anyway Skype is very nice way to communicate especially long distance , in addition that was free of charge!
Thanks Skype!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dinamic Wii

Today it was cloudy and so windy day so, we gave up to go to Bogus.
Probably next week it will be last chance to go there, I hope there will be snow.

This week I realized what a important person Ritsuko is in my family, so it was very hard week for me to take care all kids.

We spent all day in my home today.
Haruki and Minami finished their spring break's home work.

They drew there favorite character, watched TV and played Wii.

Their playing Wii was so dinamic that they broke a sweat well.
Otomi almost got better, she couldn't wait to eat!
Kanami was still fine.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today I went to Expo Idaho parking where there were autocross car event.

I heard that event from my friend Troy and he drove his great car Barracuda that was classic car. His drive was so excited that we could satisfied with his performance!

There were several car from sports type to normal type car.

Especially we could see a lot of Corvette and Japanese manufacturing car.

Japanese cars were Lancer, Imprezza, Miata, Civic and so on..

I was excited about Dodge Viper.

I knew Japanese car could run very fast and be stable.
That was a lot of fun!
I hope I can drive next chance, but my truck should be impossible?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Otomi got flu!

As was expected Otomi got flu!
She had fever 99 degree Fahrenheit and I brought her to hospital this morning.

But I was wondering she was real sick.
Because she looked fine and was full of devilment.

Doctor checked her nose whether she got flu or not.
That was positive!
After that I got Tamiful in neighbor pharmacy typically, that was three times chance for me.

The other kids went to day care center with their pajamas, it was pajama day!

When I picked up them there, they played outside with pajama and jacket.
They were fine well.

I'm worry about next person, Kanami, Haruki or me!?
Anyway tomorrow is weekend!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still Flu

Ritsuko still sick in bed today.
I got a ring from day care center afternoon, which said Otomi had fever 101 degree Fahrenheit.

Finally Otomi also catch Flu?

The rest of my family who do not get to the flu are Haruki, Kanami and me.
I think Haruki and Kanami are in dengerous condition like lion's den?

Anyway I need to take a look carefully all sick and non sick people!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monster Truck

Some days ago, I went to Monster truck show with my colleague.
That was pretty much American style show.
So showy and noisy!

Monster trucks crashed scrapped automobile and jumped slope, after all overturned themselves.

It was very simple and straightforward style show!

We could enjoy all of that time!

I must see several American style event this year at least that will be organized in local area, Rodeo, Baseball and so on.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All kids go to Day care

Today Ritsuko still has fever, so I take all kids to day care center.
They are very happy because all of them are able to stay together.
And today the center have special event open day from 6 o'clock.
So there is air trampoline in the garden and they can enjoy jumping in it.

Also we are served some hot dog and juice, we finish our meal by those there just an American style.
Kanami and Otomi looks very happy with chocolate cake!

Tommy and his wife help us and provide us good dinner, I 'll have tomorrow.
It is very helpful for us.
Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

Anyway I hope Ritsuko's fever breaks as soon as possible!

Monday, March 23, 2009


As suspected my wife has flu, should catch from Minami.
So I took her to hospital and got some medicine.

I realized what a big American medicin is.
I compared the tablet with Japanese one.

And Docter gave Tamiflu for me also, because to take it beforehand is prevent me from having flu.

I hope the rest of family will not be sick!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Househusband day

Today Ritsuko still has sick, and she need to stay in bed.
It is househusband day, and I have to serve kids from breakfast to dinner.

Breakfast; Ham egg and croissant.
Lunch; Japanese noodle Soba and rice cake Mochi.
Dinner; Curry rice.

All of kids ate well with smile, that was happy for me.
It was hard day to do daily care for small kids Kanami and Otomi, but Haruki and Minami helped me well.

Today I realized Ritsuko's hard situation it was not so easy.
I hope she gets better tomorrow!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pinewood Derby making-1

Today my wife Ritsuko had a sick.
I was worry about she caught flu same as Minami.
Her symptom was headache and light fever, so seemed just cold.
But she looked painful, I advised her to stay bed for a while.

Minami became well from bad flu, and she could not go to school this week, so she wanted to go to shopping.Minami and Kanami help me to buy groceries at Costco.
I could be done quickly by their favor.

Afternoon, Haruki, Minami, Kanami, and Otomi play themselves, so I had time to make Pinewood Derby car for a little.
It was first time for me, so I tried to copy classic racing model type from guide book.
I think the one of the most important thing to make "fast derby car" is setting of wheel alignment.

So first of all I made Jig which can drill the hole of each 4 wheels accurately.

Next step, copy the design sheet and attach it on wood surface.

After that, cut it using with scroll saw.

It was very fun, I can't wait next step!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Today I went to golf after a long interval.
That is a Nemo's farewell golf party.
It's a great fine day to play golf, not so hot just warm.

Po was just debut day, but he was not slow and had a good pace.
He migt be good golfer!?

I needed to stop half round, because took my son to Shorinji Kempo.
Minami had flu and she could not go out, so she was in home with mother.
After Shorinji, I went to farewell dinner Chinese restaurant "Wak King".
I like this Chinese restaurant.
We had good dinner!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lovely letter from Haruki

Today we got a lovely letter from Haruki.

When Haruki came back from school, he put his envelope in mail box.
And he picked up it from there.
He wrote it at school as part of their classes.
His sentence is pretty good and writing skill also good!
We are sure he has happy school life now!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pinewood Derby

I heard from my colleague about "Pinewood Derby".

It is model car and made by pinewood and race with it.

It seems popular game in U.S. so I am woodman, off course I have to try this wood craft!

Anyway I need time to understand some rule and after that build kit as soon as possible!
I want to debut the race right now!