Friday, July 31, 2009

Trip to Seattle

I started my long vacation from today to 16th of August.
We decided to go to Seattle and Oregon coast for 6 days.

Today we started our trip to Seattle.

It had almost 7 hours drive, and struggle with my sleepiness.

Kids could enjoy watching DVDs and Ritsuko had relax time on her seat.
Seattle has a lot of green!
It looks like Japan, I loved it at once.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today my wife was excited about shopping at Dillard's in Boise town square.
She found discount sale information from newspaper and she informed her friends.

They were enjoying shopping, also Haruki and Minami.
When I came back home, there were lot of shoes box and clothes.
But kids will wear those one after the other.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tequila from Po

I got Tequila from Po.
He went Mexico as his business trip.
In near few days, I drunk Mexico beer Corona, so I need more alcohol and I tried new item.
Contrary to expectation, it was not so strong pretty sweet and taste nice!
Thanks Po I need more! Just kidding!


Today we ate Kara's dad vegetables.
Beet, right side in picture looks like red turnip, is taste good!
Squash, left side in picture looks like tunka, just boil and mixed with butter and toss salt on it, so nice!

Kids love them especially which were from Kara's garden!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friend will go to Ohio

Today we were invited Ritsuko's friend farewell party at her home.
She will be supposed to enroll BSU, but there are no class she want, so she decide to change her school BSU to Ohio.
We did not recognize where is Ohio, we found Ohio in our wall map, it's so far from Boise!

Her home in back yard, there were huge garden plant, kids were enjoying to pick some plant, potato beans and squash.

Her father told us plant name and how to cook, it was so exciting.

Finally we leave her home, and Ritsuko promised to write mail and contact with her in nearly feature.

We hope we can see her again in Boise while we stay in U.S.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Golf from morning

Today I went golf with my colleague.
It was long interval to round whole 18 holes.
So I had small concern if my concentration could keep all that time.
As expected, high temperature prevented me from driving good motivation.

But today I tried if I could hit good approach shot.
It was not so bad, but still need to practice.
Next time I'll try good putter!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sushi restaurant

Today we went Sushi restaurant "Ahi-sushi".
It was famous for special roll and also be popular in my colleague.
And I brought business tripper to there.

Almost every meal were so good that we all had a good time and nice dinner!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Business trip from Japan

Today I got two people who came from Japan by purpose for business.
They will stay 10 days in Boise, and I'll take them dinner and some activity in the weekend.
I'm looking forward to play some special activities with them.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Table rock trail

This morning Haruki and Minami got up early and they wanted to walk around table rock trail.

Yesterday Haruki visited old Idaho Penitentiary, and he look around there and noticed there are nice trail near around. So he asked me to bring them in the early morning before it got high temperature.

We ate light breakfast with three members, the other three were sleeping.

Start from old Penitentiary and finally we reached to the top of table rock.

We walked that trail for about two hours, it was so nice exercises.

I saw a some mountain biker in that trail.

Next time I want to try with bike there.
Haruki and Minami wanted to come again.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cherry Pick

Today we went to cherry pick at Emmet.
Just we were supposed to come there last month, but we had a lot of plan in week end.

We were worry about cherry picking was closed and cherry was gone, but could enjoy cherry pick in small orchard.

We got a lot of cherries, just pailful for about one hour.

I forgot cash in my wallet and Ritsuko had only $30.
We concerned about if over our all have money.
But it was very cheap, only $1 per 1 lbs.
At dinner I made Tako-yaki at outside and enjoy fresh cherry!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Haruki had Shorinji practice after small interval.
He loved Shorinji and his teacher.

Today in his class he learned Japanese popular wrestling which to stay same place and push only hands to hands.

He learned Shorinji very hard.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Free movie

Today Ritsuko brought Haruki and Minami to free movie.
They watched "Monsters VS Aliens"
They were all free, it was nice!

I hope I can go there with them!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Cold Stone

Otomi and Ritsuko get birthday special offer from Cold Stone.
We went to there and get ice cream after dinner.
Otomi chose white chocolate, and Ritsuko's Jello ice.
Kanami already decide her ice cream for next her birthday!

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Today we came back from Portland !

We had a long drive for about 7 hours.
Kids were enjoying DVD on the car, so I could drive smoothly.

We run about 1200 mile for this trip.

We ate dinner at Texas Road House!
We felt at our ease in Boise!

4th of July

It was 4th of July!

We went to friend's home town where is small town far about 100 mile from Portland.
There were fun parade and carnival event in that town.

At that parade, Kids could pick many candies which were thrown by people who got on the parade car. Kids got so many candies that I think we don't need to go "Trick or Treat" in Halloween.

After parade we went to park to ride.

Haruki and Minami could ride many but Otomi and Kanami couldn't because there was tall restriction.

After that we went friend's original home and had barbecue with his family.

We had a lot of fun with them.
Thank you very much ourfriends!

Friday, July 03, 2009


Today we went "Uwajimaya" again and bought rice and udon-noodle and books.

After that we went to Japanese restaurant "Sambi", we saw that restaurant some Japanese free magazine, and it was nice restaurant.

After lunch we went to woodburn outlet mall, there were a lot of shop which attract Ritsuko.

We enjoyed shopping and I chose hotel near side the mall, because there were big bargains at night. So I took care of kids and let her go to that bargain.
She came back at mid night with lot of staff and full smile!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Oregon Zoo

Finally we could reach Oregon Zoo.
Last year when we came to Portland, we had a lot of rain and we gave up to visit Oregon zoo.
So we were looking forward to going to Oregon zoo.
It was so huge and we could see a lot of animals.

Kanami and Otomi had a lot of walk and they were enjoying.
And after that we had a train ride in the zoo, that was so nice and Otomi took a nap on my lap.
Kanami also had.

After the zoo, we went to world forestry center discovery museum where is near side of the zoo, and it was so nice museum, it was just for woodman!

Dinner we chose Kaiten-sushi, we could pick any sushi on the plate and they were on the rotary belt. Kids were so excited and had a many sushi!

At the hotel, we had small birthday party for Ritsuko!
It was her birthday today.

Congratulation Ritsuko and thank you!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


There is the Independence day in this week.
And so I could take vacation for three days prior to 4th of July.

We decided to go to Portland again since last autumn.

We leave my home at 8am and we took a rest 3 times.
Ritsuko helped me to drive and I could small nap at that time, so after that I was able to drive to Portland.

At first we went to Uwajima-ya, that was Japanese super market and it had a lot of Japanese food. Haruki and Minami were looking forward to going to Japanese book store, and they got some Japanese book.
And we ate Ramen, Japanese noodle, those were so tasty!