Monday, March 13, 2006

Winter come back?

It was cold today and I felt that winter came back again.
So usual daytime soccer game , there were only seven people. We played 4 to 3,so I was tired very much.
Favorites #3
Chinese Noodle 'Niku-Soba' it contains a lot of roast porks and noodles are chewy thickly!
The name of this shop is 'Bannaiken' which location is the immediate back of Kitakata city hall office of Fukushima.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Little furniture

My children went to stay at a house of Grandfather and grandma.I and my wife slept late this morning, we could good sleep without it being disturbed.
I finished my daughter's little furniture.
I almost needed one month to completion.But she was satisfied very much. And I was too.
Because my son felt jealous of it, I must prepare next into a son what it is.
He loved car and train, so I will make a toy of those and so on.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Today I went to Nihondaira stadium to watch the soccer game with my friend.

The match was Shimizu S-pulse vs Nagoya grampus that was a opening game in Nihondaira stadium. My favorite player is Daisuke Ichikawa, who is the member of S-pulse,his position is a defence.

Last season S-pulse had a crisis of demotion to J2. But I didn't feel uneasiness of last season as far as I watched today's game. So S-pulse had a good offence, and won with 2-0.
After all as for the soccer game, I was exciting watching in the stadium than looking on TV.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chap sticks

Today's most happening was that there were not chap stics in my lunch.
But my coleague gave me half-split chopsticks, so I could eat my lunch.
After lunch, I played daily soccer game. Today I was glad to make one play which it can be convinced .

My favorite
#2 Iron pot(Dutch Oven)

The Dutch Oven is the really magic pot.
When I cooked ,feeling is noted chef!
Offcourse taste is good!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring come soon?

Today we had fine and warm weather , and it will be thought that is spring soon.
So, I enjoyed playing soccer game in the lunch break.
After break, I was tired just for a moment, but today was 'Happy wednesday',it was a day which can return on schedule, so I tried best within a working time!
Today is the only day which can take supper with my family in a week day.

I introduce my favorite things little by little from today.
My favorite car.
Eunos Roadster (US;Miata)

This car is my best car.
Not Driving car ,just riding horse.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today my son had a stomachache. And he had a mild fever, so he was absent from preschool.
He had the mother take to a favorite hospital. He likes the doctor of the hospital. He became immediately fine and did various talks to him. My little daughter had little snuffle too, and her crying at night was severe recently. Maybe it was the main reason of her doing cause. Just she began to go to sleep well, when taking medicine.
They were good with a light condition anyhow.
Tommorow morning I will hear my children's fine voice!

My little daughter's new techinic 'Ina bauer', 'Kana bauer?'

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Girl's Festival

Today we carried out Congratulation of the Girl's Festival of Kanami. It was first time of her.

But she couldn't eat the meals and cakes. She was seen that be likely to want eat those.


Today We went nihondaira zoo. Children seemed to be very pleasant excitedly.
Their favorite animal of Haruki was penguins and Minami was rabbits.

They also became the animal of a zoo.
The name of anmal is the homo sapiens.

I know the man who similar to this animal.
He is called afrxxxx!

It was fine and one day of the zoo weather!