Saturday, May 31, 2008

New life come

We started new life in Boise U.S.A.

My wife and kids had jet rug, so they were overslept.

What happen in U.S.A.
Anyway I'm looking forward to living everyday with my family!

Friday, May 30, 2008

My family arrive!

Today finally my family came to Boise!
From morning, I couldn't concentrate on work, I thought about only their trip schedule.
My wife was not able to sleep, because baby and 2years old daughter cry alternately.Anyway they arrived safety I felt at ease.Next week I am taking my kids to their elementary school .
They will be surprised!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trip to San Jose & San Francisco 2

Today we went San Francisco.
Yesterday, we overdrunk and enjyoy night life, so over slept.
We ate Ramen at lunch,Kujira-ken, it was famous shop in Yokohama where is near to my father and mother's house. But I had not eaten until today, it was delicious and I knew why many people wait ti eat in front of the shop in Japan.

After that we went to San Francisco.
It was bigger city than Boise!
So there are lot of higher building.

We saw Alcatraz and walk around Pier39.
It was memorial day there were many people.

Anyway there were some trouble, but I could go back safety.
It was fun trip.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip to San Jose & San Francisco 1

I went to San Jose and San Francisco May 24 to 26.
But,I had some trouble.
I missed my fright, on May 24 Friday night.
Although had checked in on time, there was trap? at the security check.
My bag had weapon! It is knife, which was my parent's present for me.
So, I couldn't through away,any way went to my car and put it immediately.
But..........,the gate was closed!

Change the ticket and my mood, next day May 25, I went to San Jose by air.
I met my friend Alex.
He had some trouble too, there are some trouble in his face...
Last night there was drinking party , probably it was fierce session.
Lunch was my favorite food, Ramen!
My choice was Shio! It was very nice.

Main event was watching Major league.
It was Oakland Athletics V.S. Boston Red Sox.
The BR starter was Beckett!
His ball was very fast,but A's won.
The watching baseball was fun to me.
Next time I want to go to Seattle and see Ichiro!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Elementary school

Today, I went my kids elementary school and met principal.
He explained school organization and history.
My kids can go to school by walk or bicycle, it will 7 or 8 minutes and do only in subdivision,so it is very safety.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I just moved to new my rental house on May 14th.
Today's morning 9 o'clock, the moving company NITTSU carried all my boxes to my home from Portland.
It will be hard working to box up!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Golf & Down town

Today I went golf with my colleague, this is three times in Boise.
In Boise Playing golf is cheaper than Japan, so it is good exercise.
My score is more highest in my playing U.S.A., but I want more higher!

After playing, we pick up business tripper, and went to Boise down town for dinner.
We choose Chinese restaurant,'PF,Changs'.

There were many guests, and had 30 minutes wait.
All dishes were great!

Unhappy thing, I ordered beer 'Fat tire', couldn't make sense because my pronunciation was bad
The Boise down town have good feelings for me, it is small but it is very comfortable.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fishing@Boise river & drinking

Today I went the Boise River with my colleague and business tripper from Japan.
We enjoyed casting practice not fishing!?
There were no Rise,and I can't watch the fish.
The Boise river have had much water, and stream flow was fast.

After fishing, we went the bar, 'Table Rock'.
I had Beer sample, and enjoying!

Friday, May 09, 2008


In my office, There are lot of geese.
Now,They have many babies,very cute!
Parents are very sensitive.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wood Craft shop

The oter day,I went to woodworker's Mecca? Woodcraft shop.
I heard that they have some class for woodworking.
I will join to the class for pen turning or carving.

No! Fishing

Last friday, I went Fishing to Owhee river.
It was the first time in U.S., and it was second time in my Fly fishing life.
The time of casting was short , but the time of knotting strings was very long.
So I came home, I had practice for knotting strings.... with drinking beer!
Next time, I want to catch the Fish!

Contract for rental home

To start boise life, the most important thing is deciding the house!
Finally I get rental home and had contract with the owner.
Luckyly owner's wife is Japanese,(it was happestance) so I could ask of some difficult problems in the contract by Japanese language.
It is finally begining!