Sunday, May 31, 2009


Almost 3 month interval, I went to golf at Eagle hills golf course.
We started from 10 o'clock.
But I got up at 6:30, did I feel tense??
It was not too much hot to play, but I drunk a lot of water.
First nine hole, we are so rushed that I was very difficult to play easily.
But second nine hole, we have no disturbing, so we could enjoy playing.
After all it was not bad score for me, but I need more practice especially drive!

When I got back home, all of kids were waiting for me.
They wanted to be taken for swimming.
I needed to bring them to pool where is located in our subdivision as promise which was made yesterday.
They enjoyed swimming at there for 1 hour, we return to home by walk.
And while we took curry dinner at outside, Otomi and Kanami went to dream world!
After dinner Ritsuko discovered small germ which just came up.
We belive that is basil last year we planted!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ballet recital

Minami had good job today.
She play ballet in front of so many people.
She was not so nervous and did with relaxing.
So we could enjoy seeing her performance and take a lot of pictures.

After recital, we had big barbecue party at Brock's home.
Takashi family also were invited and join that party.
Brock and Toshi treat us very well.
We had so good time to talk about several things that we stayed there till late night!
Thank you Brock and Toshi very much!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Recently, I have little bit sore on my shoulder and low back.
Do I have much work , my age problem or increase weight??

We bought shiatsu chair, that is kind of massage chair.

It is easy to fit sofa, chair and so on, and not so big.
It works well and comfort us very much!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ELL Party

There was ELL party at lunch time today.

That party was kind of potluck party, almost every kid's parent brought some food.
ELL class has a lot of kinds of race.
I could see several food on the table.

Haruki, Minami and I were enjoying various meal, but they wanted to go outside as quick as possible.

I could find the reason why, he wanted to get ice candy!

It was amazing, why that ice candy was sold in school??

After school Haruki had Cub scout meeting at neighbor church.
We attend that meeting first time and Haruki was introduced to all of scouts.

Next week, Haruki will study about bird in scout activity.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PE Certification

Haruki got PE certification from school.

That certification means Haruki achieve annual program in physical education.
Actually he learned several physical exercise this year.
He begun shorinji kempo at after school class.
He like shorinji.
I want to play with him catch and some ball game.
From now I trained him, especially playing with ball game.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pack Pack?

Today Haruki brought some folding toy back from school.

It seemed same thing we used to made and play it with friends.

When we make it, at first we write down some directions and after that it was folded and hid, and write 2nd choice on the new surface which was folded and had inside secret sentence, at last write 3rd on the mouth.

But when we play with it we do the opposite way.
At first we take one of four.
In Us way, when I do green, partner will be opened and closed that mouth, "G-R-E-E-N", he wil be 5times open and close.
Next I get some number from inside and open and close again depend on number,after that take number again, at last open that paper and read the direction which is written opposite side of that number.

I'm not sure what Haruki does he call it ?
In Japan, I used to call it "Pack Pack"?
I believe there are many way to call it by region.
I'll ask him tomorrow!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rest day

Yesterday we had big party.
Kids were still an excitement, but both of I and Ritsuko were tired.
Maybe we were careful about having party unconsciously yesterday.
In the morning Haruki and Minami had Japanese study time.
Kanami also learn "Hiragana", Japanese basic character, but she almost had for 15 minutes.

After lunch I and Ritsuko took a nap, but kids were playing themselves.
They were shareing one candy with all of them

Before dinner I , Minami and Kanami went to Costco to purchase food items and something.
We took dinner at out side, barbecue again!

I grilled meat!
After that we Haruki, Minami and I practiced mini mini basket ball.
Of course I won!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday party at Chucke. Cheese's

Today We had birthday party for Haruki and Minami at Chucke. Cheese's.

They invited each friend to party, all of 8 kids celebrate Haruki and Minami.
This was first time for us to come Chucke. Cheese's, where is combination of pizza restaurant and game center.
Kids looked so happy and they were enjoying several games. And they could ticket to play some games and correct them. After that they can get candy or some small things depend on the amount of ticket.

Anyway both of Haruki and Minami had great time with their good friends.

I believe that it will be one of the best birthday party for them.
I really appreciate their friend and family!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mini basketball

Today I went to JOE'S again.
I looked for foot ball, luckily I got just last one!

And I bought mini basket ball goal on impulse.
To tell the truth I want actual basket goal, but for now that will be starter to be interested in basket ball and play with ball for kids.

After dinner, I set up that goal, Haruki and Minami begun to play.

At first they hardly got goal, but in a short while they could do it well.

After a while I hope I can get real goal!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rod for steelhead

Today I went to JOE'S that is my neighbor out door shop and it has going out of business sale.
It starts from 50 to 70% sale today, and the rest of open days are 10days.
I am wondering if I could purchase the rod for steel head or not.
I asked to assistant that which rod is the most recommendation for big steel head, the man who started to look around and check all of those rods, and finally he picked up one.
He had long time to talk about steel head fishing enthusiastically.
And also he chose reel for that rod. I took blue one just decision is only color.
Finally I bought both of them!

I hope I can catch the big fish next season!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clown Oto

Otomi did circus play at day care center today.
She had face paint and roll as clown.
She liked clown hats.
After that center Otomi clown played her recent favorite chair with her doll.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance result

Minami has ballet lesson after school every Monday.
And today is final day for lesson, and she got progress report from that class.
There are 5 items to rate her ballet skill.
All of them were excellent!

She will perform her achievement of her half of year effort in front of the audience, and that was scheduled May 30

I'm looking forward to seeing her great dance and happy face!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catch day

Today it was too much hot to play catch at outside in the daytime.
I and Haruki watched skate board DVD at that time.
We had an image training.
But actually to do is not so easier than imagination!
About early evening we started skate practice and catch in front of the fence which made the shade.

We had dinner at outside and after that they enjoyed frozen apple sauce.

After dinner we had again.
Minami and Haruki got better than last time.
They could catch with themselves.

But it was sill difficult for them to catch a ball on high fly.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring Commencement

Today we went to BSU Taco bell arena for commencement of Haruki's ELL teacher, Ms. Moore.
She graduate BSU master educational course!
Haruki was invited!

On the way to BSU, there were lot of car on that road, we nee much more time.

We saw ceremony from highest floor at Taco arena.

There were lot of people to congratulate graduate.
That was nice ceremony, and Haruki and Minami catch the call of Ms. Moore as a graduate.

After ceremony, we had flower for her so we were waiting outside.
We found her son, and we could meet and present it.
Congratulation Ms. Moore!
After that we walked around the campus.
Haruki want to attend BSU in his future.
I hope so!?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Restaurant dinner!

Today we had dinner in neighbor restaurant "Famouse Dave".

That was 2nd time for our family.
Haruki had shorinji kempo practice tonight and after that we went shopping.
So we were late to get back home and had dinner, so I decide to take it restaurant.

Kids were so happy, they liked to take meal at restaurant.
I also used to be same in my childhood.
Anyway we had good dinner!