Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picture day!

Today we went to shopping mole to take family picture.
Actually, few weeks ago Minami got discount ticket for picture studio.
We went to there with dress up.
It seemed the cost was cheeper than Japan.
And to my surprise, they passed CD which include picture data today!

Anyway we got nice family picture!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

It was black Friday today!
Ritsuko got up early morning almost 4:30 A.M. , and she went to shopping mole.
When we got up around 8 o'clock, Ritsuko already came back and she had many bags!

After that we went to see furniture shop and decided to purchase desk and TV rack.

And I ordered iMac via the Internet.
I'm looking forward to arriving new iMac!

Thanks Giving day

It was Thanks giving today.
We had party in my home.

I'm worry about Ritsuko at first, but she was already well.
We tried to cook Turkey again.

In this year, Ritsuko chose bread for filling in Turkey.
And she made cranberry sauce also.

Angela cooked also Turkey and she did gravy sauce, so it was nice combination and good balance for the others who just ate Turkey with the sauce.

Everyone bring something to eat and to drink, so we had lots of stuff to eat.

We enjoyed watching DVD, talking and doing games, we spent great time happily and peacefully.

Anyway we had great time with friends in Thanks giving day!

Thanks all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Parents go back to Japan

This morning, my parents left Boise.
I was worry about that there were many people in air port.
But they could check in easily and safely.

Their stay was almost 1 month, but it seems little bit short after their leaving.

Tomorrow, Tommy family will leave Boise, we miss Tommy's family also.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Parent's last day in Boise

Today, it was the parent's last day in Boise.
They will leave tomorrow early morning from Boise to Japan via San Francisco.
I took day off and bring them to lunch at Gino's.

We had a good lunch, I think this is the best Italian restaurant in Boise.

Then my father wanted to see Bogus, we climbed up Bogus snow area.
There were pretty much snow but not enough to enjoy skiing yet.
He have no plan to come again here in snow season, but he might do!?

Anyway our family was helped by my parents very much for a month.
Thank you so much!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Small gift for mother

My parents came to Boise to help us and take care of all of kids for almost one month.
Day after tomorrow, they will leave Boise and back to Japan.
I was afraid of that I didn't have a lot of chance to take them to somewhere of interesting in Boise.

So I made some gift for my mother.

It was small loupe.
Not my father, because I believe he can make more better goods than me.
And I also took him to his interesting shop, wood craft shop.
He could purchase several things for new his wood projects.

Anyway, we appreciate their many helps in Boise.
All of kids will miss them.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tommy's farewell and Steelheads game

It was peaceful Saturday today.
I slept longer than usual week day.

After lunch I took my parents to wood craft shopping store.
Then my father purchased the blade of band saw which was recommended by shop assistance.

In dinner time we had farewell party for Tommy at Jun's home.
All member were coming there and that was big party!

Thank you very much Jun, and See you later Tommy!
I and my parents excused ourself from there to see Steelheads game at Quest arena.
My father used to play ground hockey, so he was looking forward to seeing hockey game.

The game was so exciting and seesaw game, and finally Idaho Steelheads won!

We had a lots of fun.
And father was so pleased to watch exciting game.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks Giving lunch and Chiro and Pac meeting

There were thanks giving lunch party in New horizon day care center today.
Kanami and Otomi were waiting their grand parents and us.
They made turkey mask.
But Otomi did not like it.

We had good lunch turkey, mush potato, ice cream and pies!
Thank you Ms. Karena!

Today all of kids except Kento were chiropractic day.
All of them like Dr. Roy and they followed him without protest.

I'm just jealous of him!
And we introduce Kento to him, we had happy time.
After dinner, Haruki went to pack meeting.

He was flag conductor and had good job.
He got "Art" belt loop.
Haruki good job!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dentist day and Shorinji day

It was tooth check day for Minami and Kanami.
I brought them to kids dentist, where there was play room while kids were waiting.
Minami and I played TV game, Kanami and Otomi played sliders.

Minami had good job with her dentist, and there were no bad teeth.

Kanami had no good job, she was crying and did not open her mouth easily.
But finally her Doctor also check her teeth and found small concern.
So we parents need to care her teeth from now.

Haruki and Minami had Shorinji-Kempo class after school.

They loved Shorinji-Kempo and their sensei (coach), both of them had a lot of fun today.
They can play Shorinji twice a week so next class will be on Friday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kento's medical check

Kento took 2 weeks medical check after he was born.
He gained his weight gradually from 6 lbs to 7lbs.
It was pretty good.

He seemed healthy now and next is end of December.
I'm looking forward to his growing everyday.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boise Zoo

Today We went to Boise Zoo.
Ritsuko and Kento were staying home.

It was pretty cold but nice sunny days.
There were few cars in the park of the zoo.

At first we visit African area, but almost every animals from Africa were in the cage of inside.
But we could see giraffe at tall room for them.

Leopard and some kind of cats were active, so we enjoyed seeing them.
All of kids and my parents had a lot of fun in the zoo.

Then we went to buffet style restaurant near by Costco, every time kids ate macaroni and cheese after that soft cream also!

We had shopping time after noon.
Otomi sometimes put off her shoes in the store, and some one picked it up and pass me once or twice.

Anyway I believe kids had happy time with their grand parents!
Thank you Ritsuko staying with Kento at home.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kento with Brother and Sisters

Today it was cub scout activity day.
Haruki tried to make Indiana tepee with cloth and card board.
Then write some Indian character picture.
It looks cool, good job Haruki!

When Kento was crying in the bed of 2nd floor and I bring him to living room, all of kids gathered around him.
Kento was so small and so cute, his brother and sisters also!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Otomi baby

Recently Otomi sometimes behave babyish ways.
She start to cry suddenly and ask hug.

Today she wants to drink milk in the Kento's baby bottle with hug.

She want also mammy's attention and love.
Kanami is also?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Indoor Soccer

Last week we started indoor soccer season for 10 games.
It was 1st game for me today.

Similar to futsal, there are 5 field players and 1 goalie, but field is more longer and we can use side wall which bounce off the ball.
Axel did good play and got the 2 goals today.
But I don't have any goal but 1 foul.....
After all we lose the game just only 1 point behind.
Then next game was Kevin and Spencer's team.
Both of them got a 1 goal!
But lose it also.

Anyway we will enjoy few months every Monday!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tommy's farewell golf

Today it was nice sunny day!
It was good for Tommy's farewell golf.
Swa-chan family also joined Tommy's farewell, so it was pretty big party.
We believe Tommy had good time to play golf, and all of us had also.

Kevin did under 100 score finally!
And we could see that time! So nice!
Great Job!!

After the golf, we had farewell dinner at Tommy's home.
I joined that dinner just only myself.
All of kids were staying home with my grand parents.
All of day I left them and grand parents took care of kids.
Thanks very much grand parents!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Feel bad

Today finally, I got sick same as all of kids.
I felt bad, even though I went to office, I could not work any more, so I came back home.
I slept whole the morning, getting better.
I hope I can do everything well tomorrow.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kento meets his doctor

We named new baby Kento and also put middle name, David.
It was first time for Kento to go to meet his new doctor.

He is taking care of all of our family, he's family doctor.
Kento looked very well now and he need to see doctor 2 weeks later again.
And we made appointment for seasonal flu shot for the other kids.

All of kids want to hold Kento.

After seeing doctor, it was meeting teacher day for Haruki and Minami.
I went to school and meet their teacher and they gave me this 1st quarter improvement.
They had good job and got many improvements even though study in English.
Minami's reading skill was so nice and exceed average in her class.
Teacher recognized she had good skill and she needed more courage for speaking in front of many people.
I hope she can speak in front of all class mates and volunteer in class room.