Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Otomi's birthday party

We had Otomi's birthday party.
She is 2years old now, still looks baby.

Yesterday Ritsuko brought her to day care and teachers of center said how old she become, one year two year? They were misunderstanding her age, almost every teacher thought she became 1 year old.

Ritsuko made birthday special cake. And Minami helped her, but she mistook to decorate "Anpanman" on the cookie and she ate it herself.

Finally Ritsuko made nice cake and we celebrate her birthday with sushi party.

And Otomi got a baby as her birthday present!

Yarkinaicos 2nd place

Today, we Yarkinaicos had a last game of this spring season.
Unbelievable, we got final much!

I was starting pitcher, game was like a pitcher's battle.
But when some guys hit liner forward to me and that ball beat my instep and groin.
It was too painful to stand up normally. At that time there were lot of pain not but instep.
And next batter smashed home run and that was over fence completely.
We lost...

But we could enjoy last game together, and this game was last game for Ken-san.
Thanks Ken-san!

After game was done, I noticed there were much sore in my foot, and it was swollen a little.
I hope I can play soccer next week!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Roaring Springs

Today we bring my kids to Roaring springs where is swimming leisure place and has lot of water sliders.

Haruki and Minami got its free ticket from their school as their reading prize.
They read many books for few months before summer vacation, it was 600 minutes of that total time.

Kanami and Otomi was free.
They are enjoying ice creams!
There was some tall restriction to play sliders, but Haruki and Minami had a lot of fun with for small kids area sliders.

Although Otomi had small cough, she wanted to play with water and she also enjoyed.

Haruki and Minami ask me to come again, so I promised to bring them again as long as they try to study hard and do homework well.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bon Festival

We went to Bon festival at Ontario.
They were looking forward to wearing "Yukata".

Otomi had a low fever. But after lunch she seemed fine and we decided to go there.
Kids were happy to eat "Kakigo-ri" that is crashed ice with some syrup.

It was too much hot and Otomi was bad mood, her fever began to go up.
So we got back to home before "Bon odori", dance ceremony was starting.

She had caught a cold 1 year ago, on her birthday.
We hope Otomi will be able to better by her birthday!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Library prize

Today Haruki and Minami got prize from library.
They read books 400 minutes for their summer vacation by today, it was almost every day 20minute a day.
They got a lot of free meal ticket and base ball ticket.

I have to bring them to some activity soon!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pack meeting

It was pack meeting day today.
We went church to attend that meeting.
Haruki was done for bicycle active so he got a reword which was loop belt and meeting reward.

After meeting finished, all kids got sweet cake which was made by dutch oven.
Next 29th and 30th, Haruki will go to day camp with scouts members.
He is looking forward to going to that camp.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cashew nut

It is nice snack!
Cashew nuts were covered with toasted honey.
Not too sweet, tasty!
I can't stop eating and my belly growing!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Do you know "Top-Sider"?
I didn't know "Top-Sider".
It is the deck shoes brand.
When my sister came to Boise, she looked for that brand shoes and bought it for her husband.
Actually I was not interested in that kind of shoes, at that time, but as internet we need to pay more than $150 in Japan.

Yesterday I noticed that shoes by chance in Costco, it was only $25.
So I tried to buy it.
It was pretty good shoes!
I believe I can buy good thing by good price!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day

Today it was Father's day.
Kanami and Minami gave me warm-hearted and cute present.
Kanami's is her hand print on wood board.

Minami's is picture stand and sticker stand.

Both of them are so nice!
Thank you very much!

Why not ? From Ritsuko's ...?

Sister Taki-chan go back to Japan

Today morning my sister Taki-chan went back to Japan.
We saw her off at Boise air port and there were any trouble and pretty smooth.
We took picture with her and kids asked her to come again next fall or winter.
Minami want to ski with her at Bogus.

We got early and we went to Costco in morning.

I decided to get two more Wii controller, because we can enjoy Mario cart with four.
After Haruki and Minami had their studies of English and Japanese, we tried to play it with four.
It was so exciting!
After Wii they took an American snack, their tongue color turned to crazy!

American life!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sister final day at Boise

Today it was final day for my sister to stay at Boise.
We went to farmer's market at Boise down town.
There were so many people and lot of stand shop on the street, so she was exciting and enjoy shopping.
We find Asian vegetable bok-choy, it was called "chingen-sai" in Japan.

And we tried to it after a long time I think never eat it in U.S.A.
We all had good time at that market.

After that, we went to Boise town square mall and she had final shopping at Boise.
We ate Mongolian barbecue at food coat.
At that time we got 2 barbecue plate, and my sister's arrange on dish was so great that there were enough noodle to eat for us all 7 people.

When we got back home, she begun to pack her many items which was got by shopping.
But in this case her arrangement packing was not so good, she needed one more baggage, so we lent her my suitcase.

We believe she could enjoy her Boise life for two weeks, and we hope she can come back again this fall or winter! And Thank you!

Summer camp@church

Haruki and Minami went to summer camp at neighbor church for this week.
They were enjoying several activity everyday.

And today it was festival of that camp at the church.

Unfortunately it was rain and they could not play at outside.
Otomi wanted to go outside but we played inside.

We tried cup cake walk; walk around on the number with music and when music was stopped facilitator read the number and the person who is on the number can get cup cake.
Haruki could get 1st, 2nd was Minami, 3rd was Otomi and finally Kanami also did.
Even though Otomi already got it, she wanted one more!

Anyway Haruki and Minami could enjoy the camp and Kanami and Otomi also had a good time at the final festival.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping@Boise town mall

Today Ritsuko and my sister went to shopping where is Boise town mall.
They spent long time today almost whole morning to early evening?
In the morning, Ritsuko and her were only, then after noon they picked Haruki and Minami up and begun shopping again.

She tried build bear, the stuff was made by herself.

Haruki and Minami helped her to make.
At first she chose outer and stuffed cotton and heart shape with her charm in and at last make it wear.

At home Kids had play with stuffed animal together.

They looked so happy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trip to McCALL

We had a trip to McCall for 2 days.
It was 2 and half hour, not so long drive and we can enjoy nice scenic path on the way.

This week we had thunder storm and rain, but that day when I reached McCall was fine day and we could have walking around there.

My friend recommended good restaurant and ice cream shop, so we could great dinner!
The prime rib was so nice that was never meat when I ever eat.

So delicious!!!!
2nd day, we had breakfast at famous pancake house, which has also Christmas shop and looks so nice and so huge log style home!

We hope we can come again, this summer and winter!

Monday, June 15, 2009

3rd win

Today we Yarkinaicos get 3rd win!!
All members had good and so many hits and we got almost 20 points!
And my pitching was not so bad and defence is pretty good!
Anyway our team motivation is going well now!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today I brought my sister to the golf in Nampa.

She is first time to play the golf in U.S.A..

She was surprised that what a casual to play in United state.

We do not need to care about shirt and shoes.

As the weather forecast, it was almost rain and thunder storm, but we could play with no rain!

That was very wonderful.

And we saw a marmot and beautiful bird.

It was also nice!

After playing golf, we had barbecue party in my home.

At that time, it begun to rain and I moved grill from garden to garage underneath of the roof.

Anyway we could have happy golf and barbecue time!
I will update some pictures as soon as possible.