Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

It is new year's eve today.
What was the best 5 news for us this year?

Ritsuko got flu when she was 3 months pregnant, so she could not took Tamiflu.
She was in the bed for about one week.

We had birthday party for Haruki and Minami at Chucke. Cheese's.
They invited their best friends.
It was good memory for them.

I had one week off vacation.
We went to Seattle and Oregon coast.
It was great trip for our family.

Haruki was suspected Appendicitis.
But it was strep throat.
We suffered from this illness, until end of the year....

It was the most happy thing of our family.
Kento is getting bigger day by day.
We Ritsuko, I and All of kids love him!

Thanks to my family and our friends for your kindness, friendship and happiness!
I hope our family and our friends can have a great year of 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Strep throat again?

We had a plan for new year eve party.
But we will give up that.
Ritsuko caught a cold also and myself also.
It seemed strep throat again.
Afternoon, we went to family health, then Doctor gave us antibiotic drug for the illness.
Doctor recommended to change tooth brush after few days from today to prevent we from having sick again.
We hope we can get better and have nice new year day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 4 of Bogus

Today it was final day of these lesson session.
Haruki and Minami were still good motivation for skiing.
My leg was already painful before starting ski.

This morning, I met Jeff.
Jeff and his son were snowboarder, but we enjoy skiing and snowboarding together while kids took a lesson.
I think skiing with friends was better than myself.
When I did only myself, I had too much skiing and got tired very much.
So today it was much more fun and not too much skiing.
Thank you Jeff-san! Let's have fun ski and snowboarding again!
I'll try snowboarding next time, may be, because I already borrow snowboarding gears from Po!
Anyway we finished 4 continuous lesson completely.
And their skill also was elevated from 3 to 5, almost intermediate!
Next January they will have class every Sunday again.
I believe they will have much more better skill!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 3 of Bogus

It was pretty cold and snowy day today.
Haruki and Minami had 3rd day of the lesson at Bogus.
I was already tired before skiing, but after left them at school, I sit on the chair of the lift...
I practiced by myself again today.
The course of the wildcat at pinecreek was the best for me.
But 2 or 3 was the maximum time for my leg...

Haruki got new skill today, backward on the slope.
He showed me and looks nice!
Tomorrow it was final day of the lesson, I'll take a rest for a while.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2nd day of Bogus

Haruki and Minami were got up early.
But I was sleepy and had a small muscle ache in my upper leg.
We arrived around 9 A.M. so there were enough time to warm up.
After all we ride lift chair over 5 times before class.
During the class, I did myself only.
I tried to practice irregular slope.
But still I had lot of problems, I need to have image training with YouTube.
Anyway Haruki and Minami had a lot of fun today also.
We had sandwich lunch in the car.
We have two more days!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bogus day1

Haruki and Minami came back Bogus in a year again.
They started 4 days class from today.
In this year they are same class and same skill level.
While the class, I could enjoy skiing with Axel.
I also first skiing in this season.
It was nice condition and pretty good start for me.

Both of them also had a good time with their teacher.
On the way to home we were on the sky, then they would go dream world zzzz.

Friday, December 25, 2009


It was Christmas today!
All of kids were looking forward to present from Santa.
And they got up early in this morning.

Haruki got "Lego", Minami was "Secret journal", Kanami was "Little pet shop", Otomi was "Barbie's Mike" and Kento was "Tricycle".
And also they had a lot of present from grand parents, their teacher, we parents.
I also got great present from Ritsuko!

Each kids gave us nice present!
Haruki was building new project of Lego, it was police station.
Minami set password for her secret journal.
Kanami was trying to play her little pet shop which was small animal figure.
Otomi was riding Kento's tricycle and had a mess at any place where their brother and sister were playing.

We had peaceful and nice Christmas all of the day at home.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Family Christmas Party

It was Christmas eve.
We had family small Christmas party.

Ritsuko made cookies at first.
And Minami, Haruki and Kanami tried to make Pizza with themselves.
Flatten out the pizza bread, spread the sauce then, put cheese, peperoni and hams.
What a great Pizza they made!
Ritsuko also cooked ram chop and I requested crab!
We had great dinner at Christmas eve, nice party.
Of course end of the party, we had nice cake made by Ritsuko!
Thank you for great dinner all of kids and Ritsuko.

Before going to bed, Minami wrote letter for Santa with tea and cookie.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last week I went to Metallica concert.
That was my first experience to go rock concert.
I was worry about if I could enjoy it, but I had a lot of fun.
That was so exciting.
One but thing was there was some pain with my ear for 2 or 3 days.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas party

This weekend we joined Christmas party Friday and Saturday.
Both of them were so nice and we had great time.

Even though those party were continued through midnight, all kids were fine and playing with other friends.
We loved Christmas and that party.
After the party we felt small sadness, because this Christmas is final one in U.S.
But we studied great and nice party, so we will keep in Japan also next year!

Bogus Ski school

Snow season is almost coming!
Haruki and Minami were looking forward to skiing at Bogus.
They want to join ski school this year again, so I brought them to sign them up the class.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Broncos Season FInal game

We went to Broncos final game of this season.
They got WAC champion tittle already, but they needed to win to get Fiesta Bowl.

It was so cold day that I wore much and brought blanket.
The game was little bit bored, because Broncos was too strong.
But after game, gallery could move into the field and we were able to take pictures with player.
Axel was good guide and brought Haruki to Kirby Moore, Avery and Brotzman.
Then that night, we were enjoying to see Texas game, it seemed Texas's game result if Broncos could get seat for Fiesta, Texas won barely.
And Broncos got chance for big bowl game next year.
I'm looking forward to seeing good game between BSU and TCU.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Math night

Haruki and Minami had extra class after school.
The name of that class is Math night!
That was sponsored by Micron and to make kids be interested in Math and numbers.
Po helped Haruki and I also supported Minami, but they were almost done themselves and had a lot of fun with math quiz and puzzles.
After class they got treat, snacks and soda.
Thanks Po!
Also Japanese volunteer Shimada-san helped them.
Thank you very much!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas illumination

It's a illumination season coming!
My neighbor started to set LED light on the roof, so our home also set up it!
It was so cold but next week will be getting more cold, so I must finish it today!
After all I did it, except Snowman LED.
I'll put Snowman next weekend day.


Finally I got iMac!
I love it, so cool!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My foot thumb nail!

Last indoor soccer game I was injured my toe nail.
When I kick the ball someone kicked and stepped my toe.
Then my right foot toe nail became one and half times bigger than left one!
Also turn to blue!
I hope my toe works well before Bogus has snow.

Preparation for Christmas

Preparation for Christmas!
What an exciting thing to do!
We prepared Christmas decoration for tree!
Haruki and Minami put Christmas ornament on the tree.
And also we put special fixing on the top of book shelf.
We are looking forward to Christmas and Santa coming.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picture day!

Today we went to shopping mole to take family picture.
Actually, few weeks ago Minami got discount ticket for picture studio.
We went to there with dress up.
It seemed the cost was cheeper than Japan.
And to my surprise, they passed CD which include picture data today!

Anyway we got nice family picture!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

It was black Friday today!
Ritsuko got up early morning almost 4:30 A.M. , and she went to shopping mole.
When we got up around 8 o'clock, Ritsuko already came back and she had many bags!

After that we went to see furniture shop and decided to purchase desk and TV rack.

And I ordered iMac via the Internet.
I'm looking forward to arriving new iMac!

Thanks Giving day

It was Thanks giving today.
We had party in my home.

I'm worry about Ritsuko at first, but she was already well.
We tried to cook Turkey again.

In this year, Ritsuko chose bread for filling in Turkey.
And she made cranberry sauce also.

Angela cooked also Turkey and she did gravy sauce, so it was nice combination and good balance for the others who just ate Turkey with the sauce.

Everyone bring something to eat and to drink, so we had lots of stuff to eat.

We enjoyed watching DVD, talking and doing games, we spent great time happily and peacefully.

Anyway we had great time with friends in Thanks giving day!

Thanks all!