Sunday, December 11, 2005

My friend's house

My friend is building his house in the neighborhood.

His house is very big ,and have a wonderful mainstay which is Japanese ceder,"Akita sugi".
It's size is 35cm × 35cm × 7.5m . Generally Japanese ceder specific gravity is 0.38, so that's weight is about 330 kg! Heavy!
Ceder's surface has white,red and black. It's cool.
The charm of Japanese ceder is the contrast of white and red. And add to black, it is faultless.

Since his house was built, end material was got and my daughter's pan was made in Yello ceder,today.


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ところで、CurrymanがWood Lifeに書き込みしたいみたいなのだけど、設定が「全員」になってないみたいなので、できないみたいよ。確認してみてくり。

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