Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring come soon?

Today we had fine and warm weather , and it will be thought that is spring soon.
So, I enjoyed playing soccer game in the lunch break.
After break, I was tired just for a moment, but today was 'Happy wednesday',it was a day which can return on schedule, so I tried best within a working time!
Today is the only day which can take supper with my family in a week day.

I introduce my favorite things little by little from today.
My favorite car.
Eunos Roadster (US;Miata)

This car is my best car.
Not Driving car ,just riding horse.


african said...

久しぶりのカキコです。ご家族皆元気そうで何よりです。相変らず、Road Starきれいにしてるね。写真の場所は実家?USでMIATAっていうのは知りませんでした(どうやって発音するんだろ?)。Boiseではまだ見たことないかな~?LA辺りだと走ってそうだよね。

Woodman said...


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