Thursday, July 02, 2009

Oregon Zoo

Finally we could reach Oregon Zoo.
Last year when we came to Portland, we had a lot of rain and we gave up to visit Oregon zoo.
So we were looking forward to going to Oregon zoo.
It was so huge and we could see a lot of animals.

Kanami and Otomi had a lot of walk and they were enjoying.
And after that we had a train ride in the zoo, that was so nice and Otomi took a nap on my lap.
Kanami also had.

After the zoo, we went to world forestry center discovery museum where is near side of the zoo, and it was so nice museum, it was just for woodman!

Dinner we chose Kaiten-sushi, we could pick any sushi on the plate and they were on the rotary belt. Kids were so excited and had a many sushi!

At the hotel, we had small birthday party for Ritsuko!
It was her birthday today.

Congratulation Ritsuko and thank you!

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