Saturday, April 10, 2010

Portland -Day3-

This morning, we went Saturday market near the riverside.
There were lot of hand made crafts and we had a good chance to see them.
And Haruki want to get "Spoon-man’s funny hair band, Minami got decoration for ballet costume, Kanami and Otomi got caramel popcorn, I and Ritsuko had nice ornament which will be moved by wind or someone's hand.
Then, we went shopping to Woodburn outlet.
We got a lot of stuff which we want.
Haruki ask us to take them to "Marine police" which was sushi restaurant and the sushi on the dish was put on the belt and they were moving around the guest.
It was pretty good restaurant for family, good cost performance.
We'll go to Oregon Zoo or OMSI tomorrow; it will be depending on weather.

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