Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip to San Jose & San Francisco 1

I went to San Jose and San Francisco May 24 to 26.
But,I had some trouble.
I missed my fright, on May 24 Friday night.
Although had checked in on time, there was trap? at the security check.
My bag had weapon! It is knife, which was my parent's present for me.
So, I couldn't through away,any way went to my car and put it immediately.
But..........,the gate was closed!

Change the ticket and my mood, next day May 25, I went to San Jose by air.
I met my friend Alex.
He had some trouble too, there are some trouble in his face...
Last night there was drinking party , probably it was fierce session.
Lunch was my favorite food, Ramen!
My choice was Shio! It was very nice.

Main event was watching Major league.
It was Oakland Athletics V.S. Boston Red Sox.
The BR starter was Beckett!
His ball was very fast,but A's won.
The watching baseball was fun to me.
Next time I want to go to Seattle and see Ichiro!

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