Thursday, January 15, 2009

Appendicitis ??

I got a phone call from school nurse before lunch.
She said Haruki seems sick, he need to come back to school.
And my wife Ritsuko pick him quickly.

He had a fever 40 degree at that time.He is so sorry.
I made appointment our primary care doctor.
He said Haruki might be an Appendicitis and recommend to see emergency doctor.

We took him emergency center, but they also he might need surgery you must go to another hospital. I and Haruki were taken by ambulance to next hospital.

Off course we got in ambulance first time.

After that Dr double-checked Haruki, he did not need to surgery operation and he did not had appendicitis.He had strep throat but need to drip for about 3 hours......

They have several service for young kids in their hospital animal therapy and game therapy...

Anyway we can come home altogether, and his fever back to normal.
It is happy for us.

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