Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sister final day at Boise

Today it was final day for my sister to stay at Boise.
We went to farmer's market at Boise down town.
There were so many people and lot of stand shop on the street, so she was exciting and enjoy shopping.
We find Asian vegetable bok-choy, it was called "chingen-sai" in Japan.

And we tried to it after a long time I think never eat it in U.S.A.
We all had good time at that market.

After that, we went to Boise town square mall and she had final shopping at Boise.
We ate Mongolian barbecue at food coat.
At that time we got 2 barbecue plate, and my sister's arrange on dish was so great that there were enough noodle to eat for us all 7 people.

When we got back home, she begun to pack her many items which was got by shopping.
But in this case her arrangement packing was not so good, she needed one more baggage, so we lent her my suitcase.

We believe she could enjoy her Boise life for two weeks, and we hope she can come back again this fall or winter! And Thank you!

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