Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer vacation start!

Haruki and Minami are starting their summer vacation.
In the morning they studied their homework from school.
And Ritsuko taught them multiplication, 9 by 9 table that is popular in Japan.
After that, they prepared my sister's visiting, they cleaned up guest room and had bed making.
My sister will come tomorrow night from Japan, she will stay almost two weeks.
After noon they read some homework's book again for one hour.
After finished it, they started to prepare for swimming, brought the small pool from storage and pump it up and put in water.
Young sister came back home at early evening, they play with pool again.
Although Otomi like pool very much, whenever washing her hair she usually pretend to be crying.

Minami braided Kanami and Otomi's hair.
She did very good and Kanami and Otomi was so pleased.

Anyway Ritsuko's work will get heavier than annual school days.
I have to help her more and more!

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