Sunday, September 13, 2009

Broncos Game!

It was game day today!
I went Broncos stadium to see game with my friend and Haruki.

Opposition was Miami University they are from Ohio.
We needed to wear white today game, so prior to the game, I and Axel went to Bronco shop in the Boise mall. Then there were so many people in the shop I have never seen before.

Before the game Tommy prepared BBQ party in his home, we enjoyed good lunch.
Thank you Tommy!

After that we went to Bronco game.

The game was so exciting, but Boise Broncos was too much strong, so that was lopsided game.
Anyway we had a lots of fun to see nice Bronco's game.

On the way to home from stadium, we saw curious scene out of the stadium.
There were lot of big TV screen on the track and they watched it.
Why they need to see TV near by stadium?

I hope I can see another game in stadium again.

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