Monday, September 07, 2009


We went to McCall this weekend with our friend's family.
1st day;
We went to Mill steak house again! Prime rib was awesome!!

We had talking until at mid night after kids were going to bed.
2nd day;
We went beach of the Payette lake, it was pretty hot and we could enjoy playing there.
And there were historic car meeting near that beach.
I have seen T-model Ford which can run first time.
In dinner Ritsuko ans I made Tako-yaki and Hiroshima style Okonomi-yaki.
We had a good dinner.
3rd day;
Haruki tried to ride mountain bike in natural trail at Ponderossa state park that was his first experience, he was so excited and he wanted to try again.
After that we had small nap and went to hot spring.
That was so nice, and we had much relax time there.

4th day;
I tried to play tennis after a long interval, it was first time in U.S.A
We went to beach again and had desert time with ice cream, after that we left McCall.

That was so nice trip for us.
Thank you very much my friends and all of his family!

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