Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lathe drive belt

Finally I got the new drive belt for my wood lathe.
I was looking for it about one month.
First of all I went to Wood craft shop, but there were no belts for my lathe.
And at that time, I was suggested finding it at vacuum shop by assistant.

Today I had a time to see some vacuum shop, but I could not find any similar one.
So I went to Wood craft shop again.
Today the man who was working there recommended me to see KC tool supply.
And he explained me the location of that shop.
Almost I could understand but his last sentence.
He told me the shop was behind the "UFO".
I asked him what is the "UFO"
He said, you could see big truck and find store behind that truck.
Finally I recognized that was "U-Haul", then I got there and discover similar belt.
I need to learn English more and more! especially listening!
Actually that was for Delta planer belt and wider than my lathe.
But I decided to modify it.
It was easy to divide in half at center of the belt.
The half modified belt fit my lathe pulley!!
I was very happy, and will start new pen project very soon.

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