Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

A Happy New Year!
We had a good New year days today.
Ritsuko was getting better now and she made Ozo-ni which was soup with rice cake, for us.
The base of soup was from Turkey bone which was cooked on last Thanks giving.
I gave Otoshi-dama, kind of treat money for all of kids.
Haruki and Minami looked so happy, Otomi could not make sense it.
I cleaned room up from Christmas decoration, but there were still illumination lights at outside.

Kids played coffee shop, they made menu, money, drink and pie with paper.
We enjoyed their coffee.

Dinner was Temaki-sushi, Kids loved it and they ate very much and so fast!
I believe we had good start of the 2010 year!

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