Saturday, March 07, 2009

Busy Saturday

Today it was the ski school day for Haruki and Minami at Bogus.
Po joined our ski trip and he also drove his car to Bogus.
Few days ago we had some snow, so there was nice snow on the slope, awesome!

Haruki and Minami was separate class.

When they had class, we enjoyed skiing!

They were just second time to ski, but after lesson both of them could go up by lift and ski down by themselves. It was great progress only one hour!

They want to more skiing, so after lunch 2 more lift.

After that we went to BSU, to receive some paper from Japan consul general.

Today they came from Portland to organized special operation of them.

In dinner, we went to Texas road house with Po and his wife, that's a good steak house, reasonable and tasty, however almost every weekend there were lots of people, tonight also very crowded, we were waiting for about an hour!

Taste very good!
Anyway ski school will be continued
Good luck Haruki and Minami tomorrow!

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