Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ski school day2

Today it was ski school 2nd day for Haruki and Minami.
It was colder than yesterday, but they were still with the motivation for skiing.
We arrive Bogus at 9 o'clock, so took the lift 2nd time prior to the class.

While there lesson I took lift several times, may be 7 times over, my hamstring began to cry, so I took a rest until there class was done.But after class they still wanted to ski so I went together just one time.

After that they came back to home, they started their homework and studied Japanese, especially "Kanji" for about two hours.
I allowed to play with Nintendo Wii because of finish studying so hard.

Otomi played peek-a-boo herself near side of her brother and sister was doing game.

She looked happy.
We had happy Sunday!

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