Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pinewood Derby making-1

Today my wife Ritsuko had a sick.
I was worry about she caught flu same as Minami.
Her symptom was headache and light fever, so seemed just cold.
But she looked painful, I advised her to stay bed for a while.

Minami became well from bad flu, and she could not go to school this week, so she wanted to go to shopping.Minami and Kanami help me to buy groceries at Costco.
I could be done quickly by their favor.

Afternoon, Haruki, Minami, Kanami, and Otomi play themselves, so I had time to make Pinewood Derby car for a little.
It was first time for me, so I tried to copy classic racing model type from guide book.
I think the one of the most important thing to make "fast derby car" is setting of wheel alignment.

So first of all I made Jig which can drill the hole of each 4 wheels accurately.

Next step, copy the design sheet and attach it on wood surface.

After that, cut it using with scroll saw.

It was very fun, I can't wait next step!

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