Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kanami's birthday!

Today it was Kanami's 4th birthday.

She wanted to go to day care center and be cerebrated by her friends there.
She had a lot of fun and pleasure with her friends and her teacher.

At evening there was open center in day care center, and we went to there with my friends who are thinking if they enroll their kids in.
After that event, we had Kanami's birthday party at our home.
She got many birthday present from friends, her sister, brother and us.

Kanami want to eat Temaki-sushi, so Ritsuko made it.
And Ritsuko made special cake for Kanami!
She was really surprised and pleased.

She pull out doll from cake quickly, and hug it!
We had nice party!
Congratulation Kanami!

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