Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Day 5 Newport to Bend

Today we went to Oregon aquarium at Newport.
It was famous for tunnel of aquarium.

Otomi loved jelly fish since she have seen "Ponyo"
There were lot of shark in tunnel aquarium and it looked like we were observed by fish.

Today's lunch we picked up Japanese restaurant along Oregon coast "Yuzen".

Tempura and Sushi was so nice, and Haruki and Minami were enjoying Ramen.
We were not common customer almost every guest were American.

After lunch we had 3 and half hour driving from Newport to Bend of central Oregon.
On the way to Bend it was beautiful scenic, there were lot of green in beautiful mountain and lake.

At dinner, we visited local brew beer restaurant, but there were so many people and we gave up there and took second candidate restaurant, it was so nice and taste great!

Tomorrow we will go back to Boise!

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