Monday, August 17, 2009

Pet bottle rocket

Haruki learned pet bottle rocket in his cub scout.
And we had chance to go his ex-cub leader's home on last weekend and played with it again.

When he came back home, he want to play with himself, so he designed the equipment for rocket.

And I and Haruki went to Lowe's and buy pipes and joints. All of them were selected by Haruki.
After that, I cut the pipe by Harki's drawing.

Additionally we had to drink soda which was in big pet bottle.
Haruki taught Minami how to make rocket and Minami tried to make air plane shape rocket.

After drinking all of soda, We tried to fly it, but every time the joint between pet bottle and pipe was come off so we need more tune-up.

Anyway this is easy system but there were lot of fun!

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