Friday, December 25, 2009


It was Christmas today!
All of kids were looking forward to present from Santa.
And they got up early in this morning.

Haruki got "Lego", Minami was "Secret journal", Kanami was "Little pet shop", Otomi was "Barbie's Mike" and Kento was "Tricycle".
And also they had a lot of present from grand parents, their teacher, we parents.
I also got great present from Ritsuko!

Each kids gave us nice present!
Haruki was building new project of Lego, it was police station.
Minami set password for her secret journal.
Kanami was trying to play her little pet shop which was small animal figure.
Otomi was riding Kento's tricycle and had a mess at any place where their brother and sister were playing.

We had peaceful and nice Christmas all of the day at home.

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