Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 4 of Bogus

Today it was final day of these lesson session.
Haruki and Minami were still good motivation for skiing.
My leg was already painful before starting ski.

This morning, I met Jeff.
Jeff and his son were snowboarder, but we enjoy skiing and snowboarding together while kids took a lesson.
I think skiing with friends was better than myself.
When I did only myself, I had too much skiing and got tired very much.
So today it was much more fun and not too much skiing.
Thank you Jeff-san! Let's have fun ski and snowboarding again!
I'll try snowboarding next time, may be, because I already borrow snowboarding gears from Po!
Anyway we finished 4 continuous lesson completely.
And their skill also was elevated from 3 to 5, almost intermediate!
Next January they will have class every Sunday again.
I believe they will have much more better skill!

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