Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

It is new year's eve today.
What was the best 5 news for us this year?

Ritsuko got flu when she was 3 months pregnant, so she could not took Tamiflu.
She was in the bed for about one week.

We had birthday party for Haruki and Minami at Chucke. Cheese's.
They invited their best friends.
It was good memory for them.

I had one week off vacation.
We went to Seattle and Oregon coast.
It was great trip for our family.

Haruki was suspected Appendicitis.
But it was strep throat.
We suffered from this illness, until end of the year....

It was the most happy thing of our family.
Kento is getting bigger day by day.
We Ritsuko, I and All of kids love him!

Thanks to my family and our friends for your kindness, friendship and happiness!
I hope our family and our friends can have a great year of 2010!

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