Saturday, April 04, 2009

Easter@Boise Zoo

Today we went to Boise zoo for Easter Egg hunt.
It was nice day to stay outside, not so cold not so hot, just warm.
Kids got excited at that event and they picked a lot of eggs and candies.

There were so many kids, and that hunting were done by age. Haruki and Minami joind same category. Haruki got 11 eggs and Minami was 5 eggs, that had candy with some free meal ticket.
We can go some restaurant with those ticket.
Thank you Haruki and Minami!

After Egg hunt we toured around the zoo.
Minami changed her face, Easter bunny!
We were looking forward to seeing African animals, lions and giraffes.

Lion he had no action, kept only lay-down......
Africa is so big, and that has several animal we've usually never seen.

After that we had dinner in PF Chang at Boise down town.
Everyone could have good and happy time at that restaurant.
Almost every kids went to dream world for the driving back to home .
But at home, they checked their prize!!

Kanami still stay dream world?

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