Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fishing Trip

We went to Stanley, Salmon river for fishing trip, I wanted to get especially big fish "Steel head"!
After working on Friday we had about 3 hour drive to salmon river at Stanley.

Day 1st.
We started fishing to there.
I saw some rise, but it was small and seemed rainbow.
After all no one got fish, after that Tommy cooked noodle and we ate outside with star light and LED light, it was very tasty.

We stayed at riverside motel, it had 2 bed in a room and we needed to decide who can use bed so we did rock-paper-scissors and Tommy lost, so sorry Tommy.
We could see great scenic mountain view from our room.

Day 2nd.
We started fishing almost 8:30.
I got some bite but it seemed small, might be small rainbow.
But even though small, I want to 1 fish.
We changed fishing place 4 times but I had never got.
Sho got 4 rainbow, at the last minute of finishing I also tried to got normal rainbow, but couldn't..

Drive our way home, I had struggle against my sleepiness but almost lost.
I tried to relieve Tommy of driving, but it was almost about 30minutes, too less short??
So sorry Tommy again.
We saw something black big animal at side of a road, it seemed bear or I had a dream in navigate seat?
Anyway I didn't get any fish but I had exciting trip.
Thanks friends and family!


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Woodman said...

Salmon Riverまでの景色もとてもきれいで、まさにワイルドなアイダホを実感できて最高でした。
Let's go camping together!

african said...

あの近辺は、ホント、Wildだよね~。キャンプといえば、スタンレー近くの、Middle Fork of the SALMON RIVERがお勧めです。近場のキャンプで何度かならしたら、試してみてください。