Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunt 2

Today it was cloudy day, but we went to Ann Morrison Park for hunting Easter Egg.
There were already lot of people in the park when we arrived.
The starting event was informed from 9 o'clock by host, but they mistook, truth was 10 o'clock.
So we took walk around and filled the time.

From 10, we could hunt Easter egg, at first, Otomi and Kanami ,second is Haruki and Minami did. They got many Eggs and candies. The center of eggs are almost small toys, sticker and candy.

After lunch, we went to JOE'S, outdoor shop, and took a look at Blackhawk helicopters which was invited by cub scouts event. We could ride and touch it. Finally all of kids sit cockpit in order.

Before sunset I, Haruki and Minami went to neighbor pond for fishing.

We brought each fishing rod and tried, but there was no fish...
Haruki and Minami wanted to come back again, so we'll try anytime soon.

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