Sunday, April 05, 2009


Today I went to Owyhee river with my friends.
We leave Brock's home at 7:30 am.
It was fine day, so Brock had some concern too much fine.

We got fishing license river side town, and there were pretty lot of people who wanted that licence.

We arrived today's destination at 10, and start fishing.

Brock's friend Phill got many fishes, Brock was few?, but I and Sho were no fish....

Around noon I and Sho took a lunch time, Cup Noodle!, but the other guys seemed no rest, what a tough men they were!
I forgot to bring chopstick, and we made it with knife and some branch.
Even though it was afternoon, almost every fishes were very slow and we couldn't look rise of fish.
Finally we burned out and finish it.
I was very tired and very sleep in the way to home.
When I had a chance to see container train, and it was so long and so many rail wagon that I tried to count those. But it was kind of count sheep and I could not count all of them. Zzzz...

Excuse me Sho!
Anyway I had no fish in Owyhee yet........
I hope I can get big fish next time!

Let's go again!

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