Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boise Zoo

Today We went to Boise Zoo.
Ritsuko and Kento were staying home.

It was pretty cold but nice sunny days.
There were few cars in the park of the zoo.

At first we visit African area, but almost every animals from Africa were in the cage of inside.
But we could see giraffe at tall room for them.

Leopard and some kind of cats were active, so we enjoyed seeing them.
All of kids and my parents had a lot of fun in the zoo.

Then we went to buffet style restaurant near by Costco, every time kids ate macaroni and cheese after that soft cream also!

We had shopping time after noon.
Otomi sometimes put off her shoes in the store, and some one picked it up and pass me once or twice.

Anyway I believe kids had happy time with their grand parents!
Thank you Ritsuko staying with Kento at home.

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