Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kento meets his doctor

We named new baby Kento and also put middle name, David.
It was first time for Kento to go to meet his new doctor.

He is taking care of all of our family, he's family doctor.
Kento looked very well now and he need to see doctor 2 weeks later again.
And we made appointment for seasonal flu shot for the other kids.

All of kids want to hold Kento.

After seeing doctor, it was meeting teacher day for Haruki and Minami.
I went to school and meet their teacher and they gave me this 1st quarter improvement.
They had good job and got many improvements even though study in English.
Minami's reading skill was so nice and exceed average in her class.
Teacher recognized she had good skill and she needed more courage for speaking in front of many people.
I hope she can speak in front of all class mates and volunteer in class room.

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