Sunday, November 01, 2009

Baby coming!

Last night around 10 p.m., I brought Ritsuko to hospital.
And her labor started around 1 a.m. constantly and was getting closer.
But at that time I had unconscious with my sleepiness.
Additionally it was the day change from day light saving time to winter time, it seems long time to wait her laobor and baby coming. I knew Ritsuko was so hard for that pain.
Finally around 4 a.m. baby, new boy was coming and was born very healthy!

Ritsuko had great job!!!
And boy aloso had great job!
It was so interesting the question from doctor, she saw Ritsuko's placenta and she felt Ritsuko was so healthy and she asked me what kind of food did Ritsuko eat mainly.
Anyway both of them were very good condition , it was very happy and important thing with us.
Ritsuko and I took breakfast with her room, then I got home to take all of family to hospital.
All of kids were excited to meet new youngest brother.

They saw new baby with their smile.
We were very happy!
Tonight we had congratulation dinner at room.

It was pretty nice dinner.
Thank you Ritsuko and baby!
Both of you had great job!!


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