Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dentist day and Shorinji day

It was tooth check day for Minami and Kanami.
I brought them to kids dentist, where there was play room while kids were waiting.
Minami and I played TV game, Kanami and Otomi played sliders.

Minami had good job with her dentist, and there were no bad teeth.

Kanami had no good job, she was crying and did not open her mouth easily.
But finally her Doctor also check her teeth and found small concern.
So we parents need to care her teeth from now.

Haruki and Minami had Shorinji-Kempo class after school.

They loved Shorinji-Kempo and their sensei (coach), both of them had a lot of fun today.
They can play Shorinji twice a week so next class will be on Friday.

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