Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fishing again

Today I went fishing to Lucky Peak again.

I prepared some Jigs and Rures this time.

The 1st fisher was Brock again!

And I brought my single stove by fuel and percolator for drinking hot coffee.
Today it was very cold and windy, so fishes were very slow.

<---I got pretty good size fish!

Finally I got 4 fishes, Tommy 2, Sho 3 Taka 3 and Brock was 14 !

Anyway we had happy fishing time again.

Next I hope I get a lot of and bigger fish!

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Toribio said...

Hey Woodman,

Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog. Unfortunately, I can not give it out as you mentioned my real name in it, so I am replying to your comment on your blog.

I don't think I can clearly answer your question about the gas canister. Apparently, Coleman's gas canister is different between US and Japan, but I am hoping that I will be able to use my JetBoil stove in Japan since it is proven to be compatible with Snowpeak's gas canister. I agree Coleman's Dual Fuel stove is a safe choice.

I've already gotten the season pass to Bogus yesterday. Let's go skiing on a weekday once you get one too.

I went to Luckypeak with my kids on Sunday. We were able to catch no fish at all, which was very sad. Please take me to the point where you and your friends got that many Kokanees the other day.