Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunny Saturday

This morning I went to wood craft shop and got some materials for turning projects.

Mechanical pencil kit, Ikebana, cup, blank woods and pepper mill set.
After that I went to Lucky Peak to get Kokanee for 3 hours, but I did not have any result....
I saw a kind of raptor, he flew very sedately but could not take a picture, what a pity!

After lunch, I went to neighborhood pond for fishing again with Haruki and Minami.
Already an old couple was fishing and got small fish!

We tried, but nothing afresh, only water weed....But Haruki and Minami had lots of fan.
They want to their fish rod.

We had Hinamatsuri party at dinner with Temaki-sushi.
All kids love Temaki-sushi and enjoy it.
That item was purchased from Alaska by mail order.

Ritsuko also made special cake!

They ate it with big smile.

Thank you Ritsuko!

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