Sunday, February 08, 2009


I went to Lucky Peak for fishing with my friends today.

We tried to get Kokanee salmon with "jig" which was some kind of lure.
And they were prepared by one of my friends, Brock.
We got about 20 fishes for 4 hours.

Usually I try fly fishing, but today I did not ,because my casting is very poor.
But Tommy did, it was very difficult and challenging.
I thought kind of lure fishing is easier than fly fishing when I can choice effectual type of lure.

Today I choose the jig which was recommended by Brock and after that my selecting lure spoon type which color was red, attract with fishes, so I got many.

I was very happy and thanks to Brock for taking us a nice place and teaching us way to do.

After fishing we share all fishes with all friends.

But I and the other friends finished up many Brock's jigs by throwing in river....
Sorry! I'll make it up to you, Brock!


african said...


Brock said...

I am very pleased that you all had such a great time! As for the jigs, do not worry about it. That is why I took plenty....because I knew that we would loose them. It's part of fishing.
The next challenge is going to be fishing for steelhead, then on to flyfishing for the browns and rainbows, then fishing for the mighty king salmon. I can't wait. It's going to be another great summer of fishing with all of my friends.

Woodman said...

Thank you Brock!
I also had exciting and happy time!
I might go there this Sunday again!?
Shall we go?