Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Today it was Halloween day!
All of kids were looking forward to doing trick or treat with their favorite costume.
Haruki was racing driver (Cars), Minami was snow white, Kanami was Alice of the wander land, Otomi was Mickey mouse. All of them became Disney character. (I also was Pirates of Caribbean.) Otomi changed her mind on the middle, she turned her to witch.

And Otomi felt bad and she stayed home and she treated candies to little friends who were coming.
Ritsuko also walk around and almost 20 minutes with kids, after that she got back home and we did with grand parents. They did for more than 1 and half hour and got lots of candies.

I thought this home is the best beautiful today.

Then we came back to home, at that time Ritsuko had labor and we decided to go to hospital tonight.
Almost baby is coming now!

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