Saturday, May 02, 2009

Birthday Sushi party

Today We went to shopping for Minami's present.
Her request is "Littlest Pet Shop", that is small animal toy.
Some days ago, she read the book about that in school, and after that she got some book.
So recently time, that "Little Pet Shop" is her most favorite thing.
She also can play with little sister Kanami, but not Otomi.

Haruki and I went to neighbor park with his new skate.
He was enjoying it.
So I also want to play with him.

Finally I went to sports shop and got it.

I'll have a practice with Haruki!
Ritsuko arranged Sushi-party for Haruki and Minami's birthday party.
That is the most favorite meal for them.
So they looked very happy and after dinner, they ate cup cake that is same as yesterday they delivered at their school.

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