Sunday, May 03, 2009


We went to Idaho Center to see Circus Gatti.
I think this is first experience for me, Ritsuko also, so that for all of my family.

I had some impressive things in that show.
1st of all, there was quick wear change show.
Haruki was very curious to know why they could change their clothes so quick, after the show time he asked me the reason why again and again, but I could not have best answer.
It was very wonderful performance.

2nd was bike show.
At first, 2 riders entered dome cage and they run inside.
Nest 3 riders did same thing, after all 4 riders performed.
Ritsuko was so exciting that she made a lot of noise!
After that we went to restaurant "Red Lobster" with Po and Brock family.

Our family had dinner first time at that restaurant.
We were 11 people big party, so we need a pretty long time to seat.
We could have happy dinner and all meal were so delicious.
And all kids were so happy and ate well.

We had happy Sunday, thanks all!

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