Friday, May 01, 2009


Today, it is Haruki and Minami's birthday.
They got up early this morning, because they wanted congratulation message from us at once.
But unfortunately when I wake up by their morning voice, I forgot to say "Happy birthday".
After a while, I remembered special day, and say to them "Happy birthday!".
They had special event in their class also.
Ritsuko brought some cup cake to their each class.

And both of their class mate congratulated Haruki and Minami in their every class.

After school Haruki had Shorinji activity, before that I took him to sports shop to buy skate board as his birthday present.

After dinner, there was one surprising from Po.

He brought birthday presents for Haruki and Minami.
They got nice present and looked so happy.
Thanks Po!

We don't give to Minami her present yet.
So we will go to shopping for her tomorrow.

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