Sunday, May 10, 2009

Race for the cure

I joined Race for the Cure which is donation race for breast cancer patient and organization.
I, Haruki and Kevin we were having that event as the Boise Shorinji Kempo group.
It was fine day and was kind of festival, so there were many people in the park center.

I and Kevin run 5km, and Haruki walked 1 mile with other kenshi who is practicing Shorinji Kempo.
There were long absence of running for me, I had a little concern about finish.
But I had very good run and happy time.

Haruki also had good walking.

After the race we drove to Table rock where is scenic location and we could see around Boise down town area.

After that we went restaurant "Table Rock" to have lunch.
We visited "Table Rock" twice a day!

Anyway today I had very happy time.
I should run again periodically!?

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