Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pack Pack?

Today Haruki brought some folding toy back from school.

It seemed same thing we used to made and play it with friends.

When we make it, at first we write down some directions and after that it was folded and hid, and write 2nd choice on the new surface which was folded and had inside secret sentence, at last write 3rd on the mouth.

But when we play with it we do the opposite way.
At first we take one of four.
In Us way, when I do green, partner will be opened and closed that mouth, "G-R-E-E-N", he wil be 5times open and close.
Next I get some number from inside and open and close again depend on number,after that take number again, at last open that paper and read the direction which is written opposite side of that number.

I'm not sure what Haruki does he call it ?
In Japan, I used to call it "Pack Pack"?
I believe there are many way to call it by region.
I'll ask him tomorrow!

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